DP Head Whips SPAK for Protecting Stealers of Albanians' Money

SPAK is encouraging tax evasion of Albanians by not punishing corrupt politicians. This harsh accusation was made by the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha in a press conference on Wednesday.
Basha has blamed the SPAK for the fact that Albanians have not taken mitigation measures.
"Here is what you do when you protect and do not punish thieves, corrupt politicians. Gentlemen of SPAK, you encourage theft, theft of Albanian money, you become responsible so that Albanians do not have facilitated measures in health system, for children and teachers, for employed Albanians, for businesses that cannot keep their heads above water," he said.
Basha asked SPAK judges to open their mouths and show when they intend to handcuff members of a structured criminal group because of whom Albanians are the only people in the Balkans who can not get financial support in hard times from the money they paid themselves as taxes, because taxes continue to be stolen.

DP's Basha has stepped up his attacks on special prosecution like none of other opposition politicians but there has been no reaction at all by them or international diplomats who have contributed to the establishment of SPAK calling it as a savior of Albania's judiciary./argumentum.al