DP Selection of Candidates for General Poll Causes First Disappointments of the Disqualified

The Democratic Party (DP) has concluded the process of selecting candidates for MPs in the April 25 general elections, and a report by ‘BalkanWeb’ made public on Friday the names of Democrats who were disqualified.
Although well-known and contributing names to the largest right-wing party, the Evaluation Commission has decided to disqualify from the race names such as Tritan Shehu, Ervin Salianji, and Endri Hasa.
It is reported that Halim Kosova will also be out of the race, who seems to have decided himself to stay out. It is to be recalled that he ran for the Municipality of Tirana in the 2015 local elections being defeated by current Mayor Erion Veliaj.
So out of 3,593 proposed candidates there are 326 candidates in the final list, but it will be the leadership of the Democratic Party which will consider the qualified names and then the National Council will approve the final list of candidates for MPs. But 20% of the names are the prerogative of the DP head Lulzim Basha. In the end, the Chairmanship will vote and select 140 candidates with whom the DP will run in the elections of April 25, 2021.
It seems this has created discontent among some of the ousted candidates.
In a comment released to the media, the veteran DP figure, Tritan Shehu said on Friday that the decision to run for deputy after the vote of the DP membership is made only by its statutory institutions, the Chairman, the Chairmanship of the National Council, and no one else.
"While the real evaluation for me is the recent vote of the membership of the Gjirokastra DP branch, which as it has supported me in these years supported me again with its clear vote," said Shehu, a former DP chairman.
It remains to be seen if there will be other reactions over the selection process but this development brings to attention the abandonment of DP by well known figures like former Speaker Jozefina Topalli. / argumentum.al