DP's Basha Denounces Rama's Structured Criminal Group in Albania

The Chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha warned of the activity of a criminal group in Albania in a press conference held on Saturday.
"We have a structured criminal group that is deliberately letting the pandemic spread, deliberately letting the crisis worsen so that the money that today could be used to upgrade health system, to boost care for people in need helping them, steal and plunder it," he said. Further on Basha spoke out clearly saying that these are the accounts of Edi Rama's structured criminal group.
In this context the opposition head said that incinerators are pure criminal affair. "The question is where did the Albanians' money go?!"
But, according to him, the 'face and voice' of the lie of the three affairs of the incinerators will not escape from investigation and punishment.
Speaking of the pandemic he said thousands of family physicians can be engaged if they are provided with the necessary protective equipment and medication packages.
In a reference to the situation in schools Basha said 70% of them do not have drinking water. "No measures have been taken for teachers and disinfectants."
In the meantime the DP head said Rama has no plans for either the pandemic or the economy. "He is just an extortionist. No illegal measures imposed by Rama will be recognized," he said. Basha pledged to track all drug money laundered in skyscrapers in Tirana.
In the meantime it is reported that the number of people affected by COVID-19 in the Albania keeps rising day by day. According to the medical bulletin released on Saturday, 5 people died and 273 persons were confirmed infected with COVID-19
in the last 24 hours.
"Currently in the hospitals of Infectious Diseases and" Shefqet Ndroqi 259 patients are being treated, 20 in intensive therapy of which 3 are intubated," said the bulletin. /argumentum.al