DP's Basha Says PM Rama Is Nervous in Face of Big Election Loss

Albania has invested only 0.86% of GDP to cope with the pandemic and ranks the last in Europe for financial support for the health and economic crisis, said the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha in a press conference on Thursday.
"Edi Rama and his government do not respond to the people and their worries caused by the pandemic. A somewhat normal prime minister would have reflected at least in the new draft budget. The new budget has earmarked 120 million euros for concessions, 20 million euros for incinerators, no money to help people," he said.
Basha mentioned the concessionaire of the Fier incinerator who was selected without evaluating the financial offer, a mafia scheme of extortion of tax money.
In the meantime the opposition head reiterated his accusations against SPAK saying its prosecutors are silent without taking any action in the investigation of the incinerators affair. "SPAK, which is internationally protected, must punish politicians, not protect them. What prevents you to investigate the mafia affair of incinerators?!" he questioned.
"There is zero chance that the country's prime minister is not involved in the incinerator affair. There is zero chance that an honest and prepared prosecutor will not at least file a charge of abuse of office by the prime minister in this affair," he said.

In conclusion DP's Basha stressed that Edi Rama is nervous because he expects a big loss in the elections. "I faced Rama in 2011 and I beat him and I can beat him again," Basha boasted./argumentum.al