DP's Basha Urges SPAK to Justify Its Work in Anti-Corruption Fight

Special Anticorruption Structure known as SPAK in Albania as well as unspecified media owner's have been harshly lashed out at by the chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha as they, as he said on Thursday, are ignoring the criminal multy- million affair of incinerators in this Balkan country.
DP's Basha called on the SPAK to urgently investigate where the millions that the government has poured for the incinerators have gone, when it officially states that only a small part has been invested in them.
"Rama, Ahmetaj, Veliaj, Klodian Mërtiri with friends continue to receive millions of euros, which should have gone to the unemployed and small businesses. They have extended the tentacles not only in the state, but also in media owners," he said.
In the meantime in a direct appeal to the media Basha urged them to refuse the mafia money and denounce the biggest criminal affair in 30 years: 400 million euros of Albanians!
"It is never too late to repent and reject this sin, this haram! The money of the Albanians in times of pandemic has gone into the pockets of the garbage mafia of Edi Rama, Arben Ahmetaj, Erion Veliaj with friends."
Addressing the question to SPAK where incinerators' money has gone Basha noted: "Today not for the first nor the second time I am addressing again the Special Anti-Corruption Structure: Justify your existence! You have received millions, and today is the moment to get up and protect the bread of Albanian children and not to hide!"