DP's Basha Urges SPAK to Tell Albanians If Incinerators' Affair Is Being Investigated

In a direct address to the head of Albania's anti- corruptin body known as SPAK, Arben Kraja, Lulzim Basha, chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), has asked him to answer publicly at what stage the investigations into the incinerator affair involving the highest government officials like Edi Rama, Arben Ahmetaj , Erion Veliaj and businessmen associated with them are.
"I want to repeat today the request addressed to Arben Kraja by name: At what stage are the investigations into the affair of the incinerator of Tirana, Fier and Elbasan?" asked Basha on Friday.
In addition, he said that it is unforgivable that courageous journalists have investigated this and that the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution is as silent as Edi Rama, Arben Ahmetaj, Erion Veliaj, Mirel Mërtiri, and Klodian Zoto.
"Therefore, I ask SPAK today to do its duty, to come out and show Albanians what stage the investigations are at, who the investigators are, when Rama and Ahmetaj, who within a single day took 17 decisions to give millions to a company with 1 thousand euros of capital, will be interrogated?!" concluded his demand to SPAK's Kraja the chairman of DP. /argumentum.al