DP's Basha Warns Rama Will Face Justice after Parliamentary Elections

After the parliamentary elections of April 25 next year PM Edi Rama will be faced with justice, has revealed the head of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha.

Basha made that threat to the chairman of the ruling Socialist Party (SP) in a TV talk show on Thursday during which he ruled out any co-governance with the current majority.

"Edi Rama's files are ready. Edi Rama will go for criminal prosecution and as far as I am concerned, tomorrow as prime minister he will receive the punishment he deserves from justice," Basha said.

Further on the DP head said there is no coalition with the evil and there is no co-government with the evil and if the evil is not removed by vote there is no change.

"In my personal name, of the Democratic Party and the United Opposition, there is not and will not be co-government with Rama. Edi Rama will go to justice. Rama has no salvation, he is hopeless, besides if  he cancells the election date. He is hopeless for the simple and only reason: for the two mandates of destroying the economy and institutions, for the two mandates of unfulfilled promises.”