DP’s Basha Worried Albania Close to Collapse in Face of Worsening Pandemic

“Albania is unprepared for the second wave of the pandemic and the consequences are falling on the citizens and the economy. The whole answer of the Prime Minister, Edi Rama for the pandemic is "Wear a mask!" said the chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha in a press conference on Tuesday.

Basha called on PM Rama to take measures for people's lives because the health system is collapsing. "The capacities of Covid 1 and Covid 2 hospitals have been depleted and hospitals’ capacities are 100% full at a time when the number of the infected has increased by 30% in 10 days," he said, adding that DP’s warnings had fallen in deaf ears.

In this context he called on Rama to stop gossiping, but to take the measures requested by the DP. "The solution is our 5-point plan which aims to prevent the collapse of the health system and the bankruptcy of the economy."

In the meantime, the opposition head called on doctors and experts who have put Rama’s face as a guarantee, not to be silent, otherwise they become collaborators. He noted that the testing of medical personnel was left to the mercy of fate.

Meanwhile, Basha said that it is urgent to provide free of charge the flu vaccine to the entire population. According to him, the state budget has opportunities and the number of high-risk patients is 500,000, while the majority says they have received only 200,000 flu vaccines.

The DP chairman was harsh holding Rama's government responsible for the pandemic grave situation and its repercussions.

"Every victim of this pandemic is no longer a victim of the disease, but of the corruption and failure of the government," he said. /argumentum.al