DP's Spahia Warns Situation at Covid Hospitals Alarming in Albania

Existing hospital facilities have been exhausted, and well-trained personnel are needed to fight the coronavirus in Albania, said former Democratic MP, Bardh Spahia in a post on Facebook on Sunday.
According to him, with the increase of hospital capacities many patients, who are left at home even when they have severe symptoms, could be treated more quickly and better in hospital conditions.
"To set up a Covid-19 intensive care unit, not a hospital as the prime minister-painter promises in the air, a bed and a respirator are not enough, but above all you need well-trained staff, even medical and nursing. And their training cannot be improvised, because it is about serving in wards in extremely difficult situations, it is about human life," said Spahia, a doctor by profession.
Dr. Spahia puts a question to the government: "Have you ever asked yourself why we have close to 100% mortality of Covid intubated patients, while Italy at its peak with patients with a much higher average age reached 50%…??"
He concluded by warning that the situation is alarming! "Enough with video propaganda! Take measures to increase capacity because indifference will bring about irreversible costs!" /argumentum.al