Elections Monitoring Body to Be Headed by a Socialist with Deputy Belonging to DP

The State Election Commissioner in Albania will be Ilirjan Celibashi voted in favor by 106 deputies in Monday's plenary session of Parliament.
Celibashi also has received the consent of the extra parliamentary opposition and he comes from a long experience as a prominent lawyer regarding administration of elections. He is linked with Socialist Party having been deputy of Fier Region, while he took the post of Minister of State for Relations with Parliament.
He will now hold the post of State Election Commissioner for a 7-year term with the right to be re-elected.
Ms. Lealba Pelingu was elected with 105 votes in the position of state deputy election commissioner. Pelingu comes from the ranks of the Democratic Party after holding the post of head of the Anti-Corruption Department in the largest opposition political force in Albania.
The State Election Commission (SEC) will be the body responsible for the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held on April 25, 2021. /argumentum.al