EU Enlargement Commissioner Calls on PM to Wait for Venice Commission's Opinion on Electoral Amendments

The EU Enlargement Commissioner, Oliver Varherlyi has called on Socialist Party (SP) dominated Parliament to wait for the urgent opinion of the Venice Commission on the demand of the President, Ilir Meta regarding
the unilateral changes to the Electoral Code.
"I trust  that the Venice Commission will provide swift advice to Albanian stakeholders on the implementation of Constitutional Changes of 30 July," wrote the Commissioner on Twitter on Monday.
"Parliament should consider waiting the revote to take this advice into account," he said looking forward to free and fair elections in Albania in April 2021.
In the meantime the Deputy President of the European Popular Parties in the European Parliament, Andrey Kovatchev expressed support to Varhelyi's appeal.
"I support Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi's stance! The Electoral Code should be in line with the opinion of the Venice Commission in any case, as it would be in favour of the democracy in Albania," said Kovatchev on Twitter.
"I call on PM Rama and the Albanian Parliament to respect this," he said.
In his letter to the Venice Commission President Meta asked from it for an urgent opinion on the unilateral changes of the Electoral Code by the majority.
The president did not decree the law on changes to the Electoral Code sending it back to Parliament to avoid a possible political crisis.

"I have demonstrated the president's responsibility for holding free and fair elections in the country," said Meta./