EU Head Regrets Majority's Unilateral Changes to Electoral Code Saying It's Okay

EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca has expressed regret that the amendments to the Electoral Code were adopted without the compromise of all parties on October 5. But, however, he stressed that the changes to the Electoral Code had enabled the fulfillment of one of the conditions for Albania to sit in the First Intergovernmental Conference with EU.
Soreca made this statement at the National Council for European Integration, where the EC progress report on Albania was presented on Thursday.
The Ambassador stressed that the political dialogue in Albania needs to be improved.
"The agreement was reached on June 5, but then the Parliament passed the constitutional changes, fulfilling one of the conditions to sit in the first Intergovernmental Conference. The political dialogue must be improved, and we have said out loud that we really regret that the changes of July 30th and October 5th were adopted without compromise before the vote," Soreca said.
Extra parliamentary opposition and some opposition deputies in Parliament have denounced the unilateral moves of the majority as a violation of the June 5 Political Agreement but it's not clear their follow up approach in concrete terms with the main question remaining unanswered: will they abide by the new rules in the upcoming general elections of April 5, 2021? /