Ex-Minister Calls Edi Rama Albania's National Disaster

Former Minister of Health in the ruling Socialist Party (SP), Leonard Solis, who represented the Union for Human Rights Party (UHRP), commented on the political situation in Albania, where the focus of the debate continues to be the Electoral Code.
Speaking on a local TV on Saturday evening, Solis of UHRP, a political force representing the Greek minority in Albania, claimed that the situation is currently unprecedented, while the real opposition is out of parliament. He harshly attacked Prime Minister Edi Rama, calling the latter a national disaster.
"It seems to me an unprecedented situation like never before in a country with an extremely bad parliament," he said adding that the real opposition is outside parliament.
"Justice reform, which does not seem to be coming to an end, has done tremendous damage. It has put us at a crossroads," he said.
In the meantime Solis said diplomats should play their role and not be used.
"I call Edi Rama a national disaster. He has made long-term mistakes. He only wants himself," said the former minister.
Solis said the "real opposition should not have left the ship, despite the bad weather", but he thinks it is much closer to victory in the next parliamentary elections than PM Edi Rama./argumentum.al