Ex- President Says Politicians Using Vulgar Language Are Liked Most in Albania

President Ilir Meta is trying to maintain political balance but it is difficult as Prime Ministe Edi Rama has almost every power in Albania today, said former President Bamir Topi in a talk show on "News 24" TV on Saturday.
Asked on the harsh debates between PM Rama and President Meta, the ex- head of state, who was a key figure in the Democratic Party, stated that the language of the head of government seems vulgar.
"Clashes in politics are normal. Over the years, the language has become vulgar to the public. There have been tough political leaders, but they have not used vulgar language. Politics accepts facts and strong debates, but it has turned into vulgarity now. It has been 22 years since the vulgarization of political language began. It was the year 2000, when Edi Rama shouted "Doctor Rrumpalla" etc."
Further on he said those who use vulgar language are liked most in Albania!
"The man who uses vulgar language is Edi Rama. Meta has a post, which has very limited powers. The head of state tends to balance, but it is impossible to do it due to the great power of Rama," he said.
In the meantime the former President stressed that today there is a big gap between the propaganda made by the government and the real problems of the people in Albania.
"The problem is what the people think. This is a story that can no longer go on like this. The question is what do people think. The PM has the duty to tell people what he has promised and what he has done, while the opposition must say what its vision is for governance," Topi said. /argumentum.al