Former Speaker Jozefina Topalli Back on Political Scene with "Movement for Change"

The former Speaker of the Albanian Parliament during the Berisha government, Jozefina Topalli has returned to active politics after a 7 - year absence launching on Wednesday her newest project, the "Movement for Change", the party with which she will run in the April 25, 2021 election.
Topalli said that she has decided to react, not standing aside and silent by joining this new group.
"I am inspired by the expectations of young people, the cause and the support here today inside and outside the hall. Many teachers, doctors, clerks, citizens and entrepreneurs are here. I want to thank the American friends who are present," she said in her remarks.
Speaking of the situation in Albania Topalli, a leading figure in DP removed from leadership by current chairman Lulzim Basha, said the country is in economic, social, moral, and health crisis. "It's sad to see the country being emptied. I am determined not to stand aside and not be silent. I am not afraid, and I am with these young people today to support them in this new project."
The former number two in DP dwelt on the challenges ahead which as she said are real when there is no government, no opposition, no Supreme Court in the country.
"We do not have time to wait, we are 6 months from the election. The campaign has started in face of those 3 who stand united to maintain the chairs and private accounts. These 3 act as if Albania is their property. They decide who should do business with them , who should work and not, how much will get and how much not," Topalli said. /