Four Albanian Children Eacuated from Al-Hawl Refugee Camp in Syria

The operation for the repatriation of Albanian children from the "Al-Hawl" camp in Syria has started as Prime Minister Edi Rama is in Lebanon in the frame of the mission.
Rama was quoted by local media as saying on Monday that this operation had been made thanks to continuous diplomatic efforts lasting more than a year.
The Syrian Red Crescent has published a video on its official Facebook page, saying that the repatriation of the remaining children in the "Al-Hawl" camp has been carried out at the request of the Albanian government.
"After providing all the necessary facilities by the Syrian government, the efforts of the Syrian Red Crescent in cooperation with stakeholders, succeeded in completing the task of returning the families of residents of the camp to their country at the request of the Albanian government," it is said in the announcement.
According to the latest information, it is revealed that so far four Albanian children and a woman have been evacuated from the infamous camp. The operation is also being assisted by Anti-Terror officials, who have been in Syria for weeks to facilitate the repatriation of Albanians trapped in the "hell camp".
This humanitarian operation has also been welcomed by the Albanian presidency, which appeals to continue the work for the return of Albanians to their homes as soon as possible.
"We thank the Syrian Red Crescent for the release of some Albanian children from the Al Hawl camp, who will soon return to Albania. Now work goes on to return all the women and children who are in this camp," wrote president's media advisor Tedi Blushi on social media on Monday.
Prime Minister Rama has announced that the humanitarian operation will continue until the return of the rest of the trapped Albanian children.
The al-Hawl refugee camp is a refugee camp on the southern outskirts of the town of al-Hawl in northern Syria, close to the Syria-Iraq border, which holds individuals displaced from Islamic State group-occupied territory. It is controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.