Krivokapić Doesn’t Want Mandić, Knežević and Medojević for Ministers in Montenegrin Gov't

Prime minister-designate of Montenegro Zdravko Krivokapić, doesn’t want the leaders of the Democratic Front, DF – Mr Andrija Mandić, Mr Milan Knežević and Mr Nebojša Medojević – for ministers in the new government, CdM sources close to Mr Krivokapić claim.
According to them, Mr Krivokapić wants to set up a team comprising people not burdened with political exhaustion and court proceedings, for both domestic and international public.
Sources also claim that the relations between the DF and Mr Krivokapić seem to be straining and that the formation of an ‘experts government’ runs not so smoothly. The CdM tried to contact Mr Krivokapić but he didn’t answer.
It’s obvious now that the government won’t comprise only experts, as many refused to take on the armchairs [positions] in it.
While almost no one wants to take over the sectors of finances and economy, a heated debate is being led over the security and education sectors and it’s almost impossible to please everyone aspiring to them.
Even though the Prime Minister-designate says that the formation of the govt is going according to the plan, the DF and the Socialist People’s Party, SNP, deny the allegations. The overall situation seems to stir simmering resentment among the parties.
But it is apparent the crucial role of the leader of the URA Civic Movement, Dritan Abazovic, an Albanian Montenegrin who warned a few days ago that those who burned NATO flags should not be in the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro.
Abazovic said he was pleased with the progress made in creating Montenegro's new government institutions, and his party is interested in the key security sector.
"We have said we need to cover the security sector because of the clear Euro-Atlantic orientation," said Abazovic. Earlier it was hinted that he could get the portfolio of the foreign ministry. According to him, the coalition government can be formed by November 8 this year.