Majority and Opposition Fail to Find a Way Out of Electoral Deadlock

No breakthrough has been achieved in the Political Council which gathered on Thursday to find a way out of the deadlock.
"With its latest proposal to maintain coalitions as they are today the opposition intends to block the electoral process," said Chairman of the Political Council Damian Gjiknuri at the end of the meeting of the council. According to him, the current Electoral  Code is ineffective with the constitutional changes and can't stand as the opposition demands, let alone ask the ODIHR for expertise.
Further on he said that if the opposition wants consensus let it present a model of an EU law. "If we accept it ok, if not we turn to the ODIHR; you can not ask for a European opinion with a Balkan product," said Gjiknuri.
In the meantime the representative of the DP-led United Opposition, Oerd Bylykbashi, said that the opposition continues to insist that the parties turn to the OSCE / ODIHR regarding issues on which there is no consensus.
Bylykbashi stressed that the SP continues to refuse, because it is afraid of the ODIHR's response, even though the latter has been accepted by all as an arbitrator of the electoral process in Albania.
Speaking after the meeting of the Political Council on the changes to the Electoral Code, SMI Deputy Chairman Petrit Vasili revealed that the meeting ended after Gjiknuri left the table.
Vasili said that Gjiknuri made it clear to the opposition that the majority approves the law that suits it, and according to him, it is a serious statement.

The majority openly and clearly proved  once again that they are not interested for Albanians to vote for the candidates they want, the 100% elecotral lists, and the party they want, said Vasili./