Majority Ignores President's Decree Ruling to Apply Changes to Electoral Code in Albania

Parliament has overturned the decree of President Ilir Meta to review the amendments to the Electoral Code adopted by the majority without the consent of the extra-parliamentary opposition.
Some 96 deputies voted on Thursday to overturn Meta's decree paving the way for the new Electoral Code to enter into force automatically without the changes required by the President and the extra-parliamentary opposition.
With the repeal of the decree, the formula of coalitions remains in force, where the parties must group the candidates in a single list in the April 5, 2021 general elections
While listing the reasons of his decree, the head of state, Meta stated a few days ago that the government seeks to manipulate the elections of April 25, 2021 through violence and abuse of the legislative process.
In the frame of the discussions in the parliamentary plenary session after the overthrow of Meta's decree and the entry into force of the Constitutional Amendments to the Electoral Code, opposition MP Ralf Gjoni made accusations against Prime Minister Rama and President Meta. According to him, Rama and Meta are together and "look like a couple in love".

Gjoni, a former key figure in LSI and advisor to Meta in his different government posts, declared: "Rama, Berisha and Meta are afraid of the vote of honest Albanians who are looking for a new alternative. Our task is to offer this alternative."