Meta Warns PM that a 'Crazy' President and 3m ' Crazy' Albanians Will Smash Rama's Dreams

"Since the chief Pinocchio of 'Renaissance' was justified for the forced election of the "crazy President" 3 years ago, I must remind all socialists that Ilir Meta has kept every promise for the protection of the Constitution and the national interest," said President Ilir Meta on Monday.
President said he had always chosen Democracy between Power and Democracy because even non-democratic countries, where the rights of citizens are suppressed and violated, have that power. "Now you realize that anyone who is not bought and feared is 'crazy'."
The head of state said that PM has better reflect and respect June 5 agreement or otherwise on April 25 there will be not only a "crazy" President, but also three million "crazy" Albanians who will smash with votes and any legitimate means his dreams to buy and scare the Albanian people for a handful of oligarchs and bandits.
In an indirect reply to Meta, PM Edi Rama stated on Monday that the June 5 Agreement has been respected by the majority and President Ilir Meta should sign it or return it as soon as possible, as, according to him, there is not much time left for its implementation.
"June 5 and June 30 have been respected. There is no more time to lose. The president has better sign it or return it as soon as possible, in order for the implementation to continue because the time for its implementation is tight and we will vote for it as we voted earlier," said Rama.
When asked about the 5-point plan on the coronavirus that the Democratic Party has asked the government to implement, Rama said briefly: "I have no idea about any 5-point plan." /