Moscow: Pristina and Tirana Pushing "Greater Albania Idea"

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to the recent joint session of the Albanian governments and the so-called Kosovo. As they point out in Moscow, Tirana and Pristina continue to push the Greater Albania line, regardless of how they mask their own plans. Such actions pose a real threat to peace and stability in the Balkans.
The ministry said it looked with concern at the announcement that a joint session of the Albanian government and the so-called Kosovo .
"The thesis about the necessity of 'erasing the borders' between Albania and Kosovo cannot but cause concern. We would like to remind you that Kosovo (and this is confirmed by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244) is an integral part of Serbia and a free interpretation of the principle of territorial integrity when it comes to a sovereign country cannot be understood otherwise than as gross interference in its internal affairs," it is said in a statement published on the website of the Russian Ministry quoted by Sputnik Serbia on Monday.
As it is stated, the announcement of such intentions harms the process of resolving the Kosovo issue, annulling the efforts aimed at the search for a mutually acceptable solution to the problem within the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.
In the same way, Moscow assessed the agreements reached at that meeting, which envisage the "merger" of Albania and Kosovo in numerous economic areas.
"There is an unequivocal impression that Pristina and Tirana, regardless of the dubious risky nature of their rapprochement, continue to push the Greater Albania line no matter what they disguise their owPristina... Such actions represent a real danger to peace and stability in the Balkans," they point out in the Russian Ministry.

Moscow expects a clear reaction from the international community, primarily the European Union, which has a mission to mediate in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.


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