New Political Party Enters Albania's Political Scene

Opposition MP Myslim Murrizi has announced the registration of the newest political party "Albanian Democratic Movement".
The new political force, according to Murrizi on Wednesday, was created at the initiative of 4 deputies - Myslim Murrizi, Alban Zeneli, Halit Valteri and Arlind Çaçani having the support of 4602 signatories from each district.
This is probably the first political party that was created in 30 years of pluralism, which doesn't have ex-communists, former security figures and security spies in its membership, Murrizi said adding that no signatures were collected by the government. He said it is a political party that has not been "sold" by one chairman to the buying chairman as there are many of them in Albania.
Murrizi also stated that the Albanian Democratic Movement will compete in all districts of the country only with 100% open lists.
According to Murrizi, in Albania there has never been a division into ruling majority and opposition, but the division has been in power and deposit. /