PDIU Calls Albania's PM Greece's Trojan Horse

"The unprecedented violence, the ban on rallies and the escort to the police station of 26 protesters of PDIU and the Chameria Association showed once again that the Government follows the Greek agenda and not the Albanian one," said in a statement the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PDIU) released on Tuesday to condemn the violence of police against dozens of activists of this party, which represents the Cham population, who protested against the visit of Greek FM Nikos Dendias to Tirana.
"The visit of the Greek Foreign Minister to Tirana, Nikos Dendias, cannot remove Chameria from the Albanian agenda," said the statement which called absurd the behavior of the political police to stop the protest. "This reminds us of the violence exercised in 2004, when old men were brutally violated at the doors of the Albanian parliament for the resolution on the Cham issue."
Further on PDIU said no one can stop the long-standing demands for resolving the Cham issue, abolishing the law of war, not forgiving any cm2 of land and sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlbanians, not conducting an anti-Albanian census.
"The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, started his mandate as a knight of Chameria and finished as the Trojan Horse of Greece. He is not saved from Chameria neither by his words in Greek or Turkish, nor by the communist star. He should have been Albanian today but only as an Albanian he was absent, "said the statement.
In conclusion, PDIU called on the 'political police' to immediately release the 26 protesters, who protested on Tuesday for the national interest of Albania. /argumentum.al