Pessimism Overwhelms Albania as UN Coordinator in Tirana Calls on Youth Not to Despair

Albanians are more pessimistic than the world average when it comes to expectations for the future, according to a global survey conducted by the United Nations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the UN.
Meanwhile, 17% of Albanians think it will be the same, close to the global average of 19%.
Against this background the UN Resident Coordinator in Albania, Fiona McCluney has said it is the duty of all actors in the country to work harder and give hope to young people - better services, better education opportunities, engagement of young people in policy-making processes and employment opportunities.
Ms. McCluney made that appeal on the Day of the Youth Discussion on "It's my UN" as quoted by local media on Sunday.
"The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, everywhere. One of the groups most affected by the pandemic is undoubtedly the youth. I am not just talking about the impossibility of having more participants here with us today. I am talking about education, community engagement and employment," she said, adding that some may even have lost loved ones because of the effects of COVID-19.
Further on the UN coordinator said maybe the participants in the discussion like about 90% of students worldwide are facing suspension of lessons. "You can feel tired if you are looking for work these days.o"
Ms. McCluney pleaded with the youth not to despair and not to be disappointed.
"Do not let this epidemic distract you from your goals for a brighter future. Remember that 75 years ago, in a moment of disbelief and despair, visionaries came together to create the United Nations. And we will resurrect again, even this time and stronger. To do that we all need to be fully committed," she said. /