Phytosanitary Cooperation Agreement Sealed by Albania and North Macedonia

Albania and North Macedonia signed on Wednesday the Phytosanitary Cooperation Agreement related to trade exchange of agricultural products.
The agreement signed by the Ministers of Agriculture of the two countries, Bledi Çuçi and Arjanit Hoxha is the finalization of a work started about a year ago by the ministers of both governments. After the signing ceremony, Minister Çuçi said that this agreement is very important for the creation of a completely free corridor for the circulation of agricultural products in both countries and a further step towards the Balkan Schengen strategic initiative for the development of the region.
"This agreement is nothing but a possibility that any consignment of agricultural products going from Albania to North Macedonia or vice versa, will not need additional analysis at the mutual borders. The phytosanitary certificate of Albania will be recognized for our products, the phytosanitary certificate of this country will be recognized for the agricultural products of North Macedonia," said Minister Çuçi.
Minister Arjanit Hoxha praised the signing of this agreement, which follows the previous facilities created between the two countries for the movement of people only by using the identity card.
"It is a very important step towards removing the barriers of border stops, especially for products that have had a very short time, which in the past had to wait another 48 hours at customs points," said Hoxha.

In conclusion the minister of North Macedonia said that after the movement of people with ID cards, this is another very important step towards the creation of a common market, which precedes the integration of the two countries in the European Union./