PM and President Step Up Exchange of Accusations as Parliament Okays Electoral Code in Albania

As a follow up of the harsh accusations in Monday’s plenary session of Parliament, which endorsed the Electoral Code, Prime Minister Edi Rama leveled new charges against President Ilir Meta outside the parliamentary premises.

According to Rama, Meta is a man who is never satisfied and does not stop confusing the world. The head of government stressed that there is only one question, which cannot be answered: "What debt does Albania owe Ilir Meta?"

Rama said that his question remains unanswered. He stressed that Albania has not given anyone else what it has given excessively Ilir Meta, whom, as Rama said, he has made Prime Minister, Speaker and President.

“What should Albanians still do for Ilir Meta? A man, who unfortunately is not satisfied and does not stop confusing the world. Why? What does Ilir Meta still want from Albania? I do not understand," said Rama.

President labels Rama ‘Mister April 1’

The President of the Republic Ilir Meta was not even a minute late in responding to Edi Rama. In a post on his website, Meta has threatened Edi Rama that if he violates the June 5 agreement, he will go to any squares of the country to do what he did with Fatos Nano (former premier and SP chairman), that is, he lost the elections in 2005, where he took over the government. Sali Berisha.

Calling him ‘Mister April 1’ Meta wrote that Rama lied even when he did not open his mouth. “DO NOT DARE to lend a hand over the June 5 Agreement!” the President warned the government head. “Albania has never known a more irresponsible trafficker than you, a hostage of Albania's gangs and enemies. If you touch June 5 accord, you will have Ilir Meta in every square of Albania and you will dream of the fate of your friend who remained without a party,” said Meta hinting to Fatos Nano, the former premier who lost SP and lives abroad now.

“If a foreign friend has complained about me, ask his permission as I can publish what I have told him, so that the whole world can hear about what friends are you talking about,” the President said.

In the meantime as it was expected the Electoral Code was adopted by the plenary session of Parliament on Monday as the majority could gather 97 votes in the 140-member Parliament. The objections of some deputies of the parliamentary opposition were futile not succeeding to halt the majority's drive to have the Electoral Code endorsed as compiled by it. /