President and PM Exchange Barbs in Face of Aggravated COVID Situation in Albania

Prime Minister Edi Rama responded to President Ilir Meta for the latter's letter with 11 questions about the situation of COVID-19 and the preventive measures.
In another harsh exchange of accusations in distance Rama asks Meta on Wednesday not to interfere in the affairs of experts but to put on the mask himself and to gather the SMI not to call against this measure.
"Ilir, you have no competence to interfere in the work of experts for the management of the medical situation! First of all, do not leave the house without a mask, gather your party so as not to make hysterical calls against the mask and look at the work you have which is the only you are not doing for a long time! "
In fact, Meta's letter was addtessed to the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, as a request for information on the measures that will be taken based on the autumn-winter strategy.
Meta emphasized that the situation is heading towards a catastrophe and must be prevented in time
He also stressed that at this moment in face of this deterioration a complete reassessment of the situation and the measures taken needed to be taken.
In addition to the warning, Meta raises 11 questions to the Ministry of Health which are also sent to the Prime Minister and the Speaker regarding the situation and the measures.

Rama assured the head of state that the experts are the ones who will take the steps adding that the increase of COVID-19 figures was predicted./