President Calls for Reflection on Changes to Electoral Code in Albania

There is still time for reflection on the approval of the amendments to the Electoral Code, has said President Ilir Meta in his remarks in the city of Elbasan, where he was invited by the Clergy of the Interfaith Committee of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation on Wednesday.

"My position is for a European tolerance of civic coexistence and according to all the traditions we have and of course in terms of elections it is a concern of ours and the EU. Let us all work in the service of this coexistence. There is time to reflect on European Albania despite the difficulties we have to face," said Meta.

He took that opportunity to launch an appeal to all Albanians to declare war on the leaving of the country by young people.

The President also touched upon the security situation in the city of Elbasan which has had security problems over the last months.

In conclusion Meta said the achievement of European standards is the only way for Albanians to realize the dream for an Albania like the whole of Europe. /