President Challenges PM in Face- to- Face TV Debate

Albania's President Ilir Meta has harshly accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of taking hostage the ruling Socialist Party (SP) abusing with its emblem in a message addressed to its Assembly as its former member.
Socialist Party Assembly will gather on Friday where as it is announced Rama, SP chairman, will deliver a speech.
The head of state responded to Rama's accusations, who declared from the rostrum of the Parliament that Meta belongs to OFL subjects in rural areas on Thursday.
Meta asked the Prime Minister to say publicly the name, time and place when this meeting took place, and he will resign immediately or otherwise he will not give up until everyone expells him from the SP.
Further on Meta said he had just confirmed to a local TV his readiness to appear in a live talk show with the incumbent Prime Minister.
"The only way! Get in the confrontation or get away!" said Meta in a post on social networks on Friday. /