President Warns Albania Heading Towards an 'Iron Fisted' Junta

Albania is heading towards an 'iron fisted' junta, according to President Ilir Meta who refers to the Freedom House Organization's conclusions on the level of democracy in Albania during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In a post on social networks on Sunday he highlighted the conclusions of the report according to which the system of checks and balances has generally failed, the legislature has merged with the executive, the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court are dysfunctional, and the government has bypassed any democratic process.
The data of the report that the 'executive wing that was previously dominant in this system is strengthened even more are alarming, according to Meta.
Further on his post said police were given more powers, making arrests and imposing heavy fines and people are being investigated for their Facebook posts, which has not happened before.
In a reference to the anti-defamation package it is said that despite objection at home and abroad it is being continued with the move into the parliamentary process and there is a deterioration in access to information and government transparency.
According to Meta, Albanians, who have recognized the isolation and oppression of human rights like no other people are preparing for the most important referendum in these 30 years against the tyranny and greed of a gang that knows neither the Constitution, nor the law, human rights, family nor fatherland. /