President Warns PM Rama Not to Provoke as He Won't Find a Hole to Enter

The crisis in Albania has been created by PM Edi Rama and some clumsy internationals but the people are the strongest, has said President Ilir Meta who warned on Friday evening that he will raise Albanians once again.
"Here the institutions have fallen and the state has been captured," said Meta in a TV talk show telling Rama not to provoke him anymore otherwise he will finish 'work with him in 2 minutes'.
This harsh reaction was a response to Rama's threat who said in Thursday's plenary session of Parliament that “what Meta wants- to become King or Nation's Hero"
"This crisis has been created by Rama and some clumsy internationals, who support Edi Rama. The strongest is the Albanian people. It is 10-fold the people of March 2nd. Albania has turned into a money laundering machine. I will call a referendum asking the people if they will go to Europe or to the pit," said Meta.
"Do not dare to provoke unrest in Albania with SOROS and your Serbian friends because you are facing a President from Skrapar and 10 million Albanians," President warned Rama calling him an ugly Pinocchio, who knows full well that he will not find a hole to enter.
Further on he said that everything will happen at the right time. "It is the first battle starting for the restoration of the constitutional order in the country."
President Meta made the strongest warning that "I will raise the Albanians once again. One more time. I have not slept for years." /