Prime Minister Rama in Front of Journalists: "Shut up, Hush…!"

Prime Minister Edi Rama was live in the show "Opinion" on Klan TV on Thursday, but unlike other times when every question by even the most "tendentious" journalists was 'met' with sportsmanship and jokes, in this case he showed a lot of aggressiveness.
The head of government has been asked at length about the issue of incinerators.
In the absence of answers, Prime Minister Rama, attacked the invited journalists many times, raising his voice and whipping them for their professionalism or simply ignoring them.
Apparently on Thursday it was not the best night for a Rama show with reporters.
From the beginning of the talk regarding the measures against the pandemic and the fines, the Prime Minister clashed with the journalist, Blendi Fevziu, the moderator of the talk- show. Fevziu considered the forgiveness of the fines as electoral move. Prime Minister Rama addressed Fevzi, saying: "You are the real leader in the field of the Democratic Party. On April 25, I will defeat your party."
As for the situation created by COVID-19 in Albania, Prime Minister Rama did not hide his ironic remarks against Fatjona Mejdini, an investigative journalist at, calling her "Virologia"
From the beginning, the head of government addressed her with ironic and insulting tones as he did not like questions and interventions. Rama always called her "virologist".
The Prime Minister's nervousness came after the journalist intervened to ask him a question. Rama asked the journalist not to interrupt him, saying “There is a possibility, ma'am, this is his job and this is my job."
Fatjona Mejdini told him journalists do not have any opportunity to speak, to ask questions. "Because you are only dealing with 'petty talk' and I have a lot of questions. I have come here to ask you questions," said Mejdini.
At one point, the journalist complained about the prime minister's attempts at intimidation, telling him that this behavior did not honor him.
While explaining the incinerator part of Fier, PM stood up and went in front of the monitor.
In the meantime the Prime Minister replied to the journalist, Robert Rakipllari shouting several times: "Shut up, Shut up…!"
In addition Prime Minister Edi Rama has rejected another debate with opposition leader Lulzim Basha.