Rising Trend of C19 Cases in Albania, Virus Affects Teachers and Students in Schools

It is reported that cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the ranks of educational institutions as recently some students and teachers have shown serious health problems in the region of Elbasan, central Albania.
Details released by official sources and quoted on Sunday by BalkanWeb said two teachers were infected with Covid 19
in the school "Luigj Gurakuqi" and one in the school "Naim Frashëri". Cases were registered in other schools, too.
In the meantime reliable sources told argumentum.al   that there have been dozens of cases registered in high and elementary schools in Tirana but most of the teachers have been substituted.
In Albania in general there has been an increase in cases of COVID-19 over the last days. There were 281 new cases on Sunday as confirmed by health authorities a figure considered as the highest number since the outbreak of the pandemic. Health specialists say that the opening of schools in the pandemic conditions have caused the steep rise of infections. /argumentum.al