Russia's Gamaleya Institute That Created Sputnik V Vaccine Ready to Help Trump

Russia's Gamaleya Research Institute, that created the world's first vaccine against the coronavirus, has stated it is ready to provide assistance to the US president, Donald Trump, who has contracted the virus, reported on Friday.
Trump announced on Twitter earlier that he and his wife had tested positive for the coronavirus and would be self-isolated at the White House.
“I think that if they officially turn to the Russian authorities, we will be able to help them”, Head of the Gamaleya Centre Alexander Gintsburg said.
He also suggested that the Trump administration should get inoculated with the Russian vaccine, dubbed Sputnik V.
"I think that they will sort it out with their president after all. It would be nice to have him vaccinated (with the Russian vaccine), by the way!", Gintsburg added.
The physician of Trump said that both the president and the First Lady felt fine, adding that he expected Trump to carry out his duties without disruption.

Nevertheless, the White House announced the cancellation of the Florida campaign trip soon after the news. The First Lady then tweeted that she would postpone some of the events she was scheduled to take part in.