Senior Health Official Warns of Eventual Lockdown in Albania

Albania has registered the highest figures of people affected by Covid-19 over the last days and in the meantime many other European countries have again launched restrictive measures.
Since Thursday last week, the wearing of masks as soon as someone leaves home has started to be implemented as one of the preventive measures against the spread of infection in Albania.
But as the country is marking an increase in the number of cases mainly last week (about 300 cases on Monday), everyone is worried if there will be a second lockdown.
Deputy Minister of Health Mira Rakacolli dwelt on the scenarios that could lead to a second lockdown in a morning talk show on a local TV on Tuesday.
"The indicators are very complex. There is not a single indicator on which we must rely to decide to close some activities. Of course, it is something we are trying very hard to prevent, but it is a problem that we discuss a lot," she said.
But the senior health official admitted that lockdown was not what she recommend, despite the fact that the main goal is to protect the lives of citizens.
In this frame Dr. Rakacolli said the target is to protect people's health and all measures will be taken to do that. She admitted that the latest indicators are worrisome. "Number of lives lost and of those in need of intensive care has gone up. So, a combination of these numbers, an in-depth analysis of the combination of these numbers, can lead us to that extent," declared Rakacolli.
Even PM Edi Rama has hinted that if things get worse a lockdown becomes indispensable to be imposed in Albania. /