SMI Chairwoman Says DP's Basha Will Be Albania's PM after April 25 Elections

"Constitutional changes are not problematic for the opposition. They do not bother us at all, let Rama go and disappoint the 'loves' of his life - the ambassadors that have been his breath," said the chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Monika Mryemadhi.
According to her, even the ambassadors have regretted today that a man who mocks (US State Secretary) Pompeo and the EU, is not that he can be accepted by the embassies.
"I did not have any dilemmas over Rama as he always provoked. Even with the theater he did this; he destoyed it so that the opposition leave the Political Council. We did not leave, but reached the agreement of June 5. Now he said he will make the constitutional changes, but he has no chance to get 74 seats. Let him go to the end with his stupidity."
Further on Kryemadhi said on a TV talk show on Saturday that Rama made the constitutional changes to create a lack of trust, but today there is no longer a split opposition that 'kills' each other but a common opposition whose unity is the battle against Rama and his sect.
In the meantime she said that she stood by her statement that Mr. Basha will be prime minister, I stand by the agreement of April 23, 2019.
"We have signed an agreement, this is clear and simple. We have time until April 25, when all the opposition will be committed to creating the spirit to overthrow the criminal regime," daid the SMI chairwoman. /