Spread of Coronavirus Infection Goes on as Opposition Calls for More Tests in Albania

The Ministry of Health reported that four patients have died, while 289 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified during the last 24 hours. Among the victims whose total numbet stands at 443 was an 37-year-old young man from Kor├ža, southeastern Albania, without any concomitant disease.
The number of hospitalized patients in the Infectious Diseases Hospital and "Shefqet Ndroqi" has mounted to 255 and 21 are in intensive therapy of which 4 intubated.
The daily tests have kept increasing amounting to 1,402 on Friday, according to the statistics.
But the Senior Democratic Party (DP) official, Tritan Shehu said in a comment on social networks on Friday that PM Edi Rama must understand that mass testing is a national urgency to avoid the collapse of good use of financial resources.
"The priority task of the state today is to greatly increase free or subsidized testing, especially in our conditions when infections are widespread in a situation out of control, with a deplorable state of our hospital system and especially intensive care, with a handicapped primary care and with financial coverage for insufficient medication, said Shehu, a former health minister.
"Only an outgoing, incompetent, and irresponsible government can act as it is doing to us," concluded his comment Shehu. /argumentum.al