SP's Ally Milo's Confession: Rama Used Tiny Allies as Shark Eat Small Fish

The leader of the Social Democracy Party (PDS), Paskal Milo, talking about the role of small parties after the constitutional changes of 2008 and what will happen to them after the voting of the new Electoral Code in a TV talk show on Thursday evening, among others, showed also about the way PM Edi Rama treats the allies.
Milo, a former foreign minister, stated that Edi Rama and the ruling Socialist Party (SP) used the small allies then as the shark ate the small fish. While now he has deleted them completely from the electoral accounts, he said.
"Why is the SP doing now what is doing? Because there is no more left-wing parties. I too can barely hold on. I am holding on
with my soul in my teeth…," he confessed.
"If it was the system we had until 2008, I would continue to be MP in the last 3 legislatures… Politics sharks, not fish, ate us," said Milo./argumentum.al