Top Police of Northern Region Wounded in Attempt on His Life

An attempt on the life of the Chief of the Municipal Police of Malësia e Madhe, Mentor Hasanaj, was made on Sunday, local media reported.
Hasanaj, 39, was ambushed in Dobraç in the northern city of Shkodra while he was travelling by car together with his father Xhelal Hasanaj, 74, and his wife Vjollca Hasanaj who escaped the bullets.
Top police Hasanaj is in serious health condition and has been taken to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana, while Xhelal Hasanaj, his father, is receiving medical treatment at the Shkodra Hospital.
According to preliminary evidence, Hasanaj's car was shot several times, and the hitman was on a motorcycle firing while moving.
The rapid police forces of Shkodra have rushed to the area where the suspected assassin is thought to be hiding. It was previously suspected that the cause of the assassination attempt could be linked with revenge, but the Shkodra Police are continuing the investigation even into the possibility of a conflict due to duty. /