Turkey Sells Anti-drone Systems to Albania

Albania has purchased drone systems from a Turkish defense company based in Turkey, according to the Turkish state and government media.
National War Technologies Defense Systems Inc. based in Antagia has been manufacturing anti-drone kits for about 25 years.
The system, including an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) early warning system, has been exported to Albania and Qatar.
The two countries are the first to buy Turkish systems from Turkey, while a Turkish company announced that negotiations are continuing with other countries.
The Turkish company's research and development co-ordinator, Bekir Yalsin, told the media that the company produces jammers and anti-drone systems in accordance with the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces.
According to information, the Albanians will use the systems against unmanned aerial vehicles that transport drugs, bombs or other types of illegal objects, but who prevents them from using them against the Greek drones for example.
Yalsin stressed that the "IHAMAX" anti-drone system exported to Albania is superior to other products in its field, weighs about 4 kg and provides linear and circular protection up to 2 km.
We remind you that Albania has signed a defense cooperation agreement with Turkey, and often Turkish consultants for the training of the Albanian armed forces.
Ankara is also preparing to expand its facilities at the Pasha base in Avlona, ​​where Turkish naval warships anchor, and it is very likely that the Turkish mini-aircraft carrier "Anadolu" will be stationed there periodically, with construction completed in a few months.
It is also stressed that a significant amount of military equipment for the Albanian Armed Forces has been continuously sent from Turkey for several years. The Albanian commandos and the Special Military Police force in Zal Her have already replaced the Russian weapons models with Turkish automatic weapons, such as the M20, MP5, M4A1, MPT-76, etc.
The newly constructed NATO-standard buildings of the Kuçovë Air Base bear the characteristic olive color of Turkish military installations. The Turkish-funded facilities of the ammunition factory in Poliçan and the Bisht Palla naval base in Durres, which provide unimpeded access to all Turkish Navy ships as part of bilateral military co-operation, have also been upgraded.
The frequent visits of Turkish submarines to the naval base of Durres are a remarkable event.
For Turkey, Albania holds a prominent position in the Balkans for its neo-Ottoman plans, which it is now unfolding in Nagorno-Karabakh and the Eastern Mediterranean. /Pentapostagma, October 23, 2020