US Ambassador Pushes for Making Functional Constitutional Court in Albania by End-Year

The announcement of vacancies for the Constitutional Court by President Ilir Meta and Speaker Gramoz Ruci has been greeted by the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim who has encouraged judges to respond to the call to serve Albania.

Kim wrote in a post on Twitter on Monday that Albania must have a functional Constitutional Court by the end of this year, which is a condition for country’s integration and the holding of the first intergovernmental session of the accession negotiations with the EU.

Ambassador Kim has also called on Judicial Appointments Council (KED)  to act quickly for the evaluation of the candidates as there is no much time to lose.

Below follow two posts of the Ambassador regarding the issue:

“Presidency and Parliament have now published their respective lists of candidates for the Constitutional Court. We applaud those who answered the call to serve. We encourage Judicial Appointments Council to act quickly to evaluate the candidates. Albania must have CC by end of the year.”

“Thanks to President Ilir Meta and Speaker Ruci for quickly re-opening the call for candidates for the Constitutional Ct. We hope Albania jurists will answer this important call to serve their country. Let’s keep moving forward to deliver Justice!”