Wanted AKBN's Director Klodian Gradeci Arrested at Rinas Airport

The former director of Hydrocarbons at the National Agency of Natural Resources (AKBN), Klodian Gradeci, has been arrested. According to a report carried by ‘BalkanWeb’ on Tuesday, Gradeci was detained at Rinas airport while returning from Turkey.
It is reported that the former director was declared wanted on charges of abuse of office.
The 45-year-old was arrested as part of the operation codenamed "Excise", finalized on October 6 this year.
In its press release police said: "Following the work to apprehend wanted persons in the framework of the police operation codenamed "Excise", finalized on 06.10.2020, to crack down on criminal activity in the field of smuggling of goods for which excise is paid, structures of Tirana arrested and detained the citizen KG, 45 years old, to whom the Court of First Instance Tirana has assigned the security measure "Prison arrest" for the criminal offense "Abuse of duty."
On October 7, the police issued an announcement revealing 6 security measures and declaring two citizens wanted, among them the former director Gradeci.
AKBN, whose General Director is Adrian Bylyku since November 2017, has been in the focus of alleged corruption affairs in the sector of oil. So far no official statement has been made by director Bylyku who has been mentioned by local media last year of involvement in corrupt affairs. / argumentum al