Worldmeter Says Albania is 42nd in World in Active COVID-19 Cases

Belgium ranks first in the world in the number of actively infected with COVID-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants, and Albania is 42nd, according to data taken from Worldmeter.
Montenegro is tenth in active COVID-19 cases while in terms of mortality it is in 19th place. In terms of testing, it is in the 24th position, reports the Mina agency.
In Belgium, 2,045 people are actively ill per 100 thousand inhabitants, and in Montenegro, 623 per 100 thousand. In second place is Andorra with 1,653 people who are actively sick per 100 thousand inhabitants, the Vatican is third with 1,496, and France is fourth with 1,311.
Of the countries in the Balkans, Slovenia is in tenth place with 488 patients per 100 thousand inhabitants, 37th North Macedonia with 314 patients, 38 Bosnia and Herzegovina with 314.
Albania is 42nd with 257 patients per 100,000 inhabitants, and Croatia is 51st with 205 patients per 100,000.
Data from Worldmeter show that the highest mortality per million inhabitants in San Marino is 1,237 cases, followed by Peru with 1,026, Belgium with 912, and Andorra with 825 deaths per million inhabitants.
Montenegro ranks 19th with 403 deaths per million inhabitants.
According to the number of tested, Gibraltar is first with 1,789,896 tests per million inhabitants, and Andorra is in second place with 1,778,136 tests per million inhabitants.
There is no data for all countries on the published list on Worldmeter because some do not publish it.