Wife of Kuwaiti Ambassador Awarded by President for Great Contribution to Promote Albania

"It is in our tradition to respect and honor friends, especially those who consider Albania as their home with a lot of love," said President Ilir Meta in a ceremony to hand over the Medal "For Special Civic Merits" to Mrs. Ebtisam Nasser Ibrahim Al-Houti, the wife of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Tirana which was attended among others by ambassadors of the US, Poland, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, State of Qatar, Egypt, and Kosovo.

According to the motivation of the award Mrs. Al-Houti is evaluated for her valuable intellectual, human and artistic contribution to the promotion of Albanian traditions, ethno-cultural wealth and tourism, enhancing the natural beauty, creative abilities and Albanian hospitality; for the precious role in promoting artistic, professional and cultural values, especially of the ladies and girls of Albania and Kuwait.

The “Medal for Special Civic Merits” is granted to Albanian or foreign citizens for special civic contributions to Albania in the area of democratic developments, and in human area.

In his remarks Meta said Mrs. Ebtisam studied and graduated from the College of Arts at the University of Kuwait in the field of Psychology and Sociology, and has a distinguished career in social services and activating her students in artistic and creative projects.

"Ms. Ebtisam has accompanied her husband during his diplomatic career in several countries where she has carried out various charitable works beginning her artistic career," he said. "During her stay in Albania, she collaborated with her husband, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to the Republic of Albania, undertaking several humanitarian projects and organized two exhibitions and published two books with artistic photographs." In 2019, the exhibition entitled ‘Albania, the Beauty of Smile and Hospitality’ was opened, which shed light on her unique experience with the Albanian people, expressing the beauty and the hospitable Albanian spirit by presenting it as a precious national asset.

Later, in 2020, the publication entitled ‘Golden Hands’ sheds light on the intellectual, spiritual and cultural closeness between women in both countries as their creative works reflect the feminine side and the special artistic work.

"Mrs. Ebtisam is undoubtedly an ambassador of her country in Albania, together with her husband, and has a special contribution to promoting natural beauty and tourism in Albania, with quality publications that help increase the image of our country in Kuwait. She deserves special thanks for this,” Meta said.

In conclusion the President expressed his conviction that the Medal for ‘Special Civic Merits’ is a well-deserved appreciation, but also an inspiration for Mrs. Ebtisam to continue to promote Albania in the friendly State of Kuwait and beyond. /argumentum.al