After Vucic's Trip to Podgorica Pro-Serb DF Objects Experts Government in Montenegro

One of the leaders of the Democratic Front, one of three blocs that forms the new parliamentary majority in Montenegro, accused incoming prime minister Zdravko Krivokapic of ignoring his partners’ political programmes and not allowing them a say in appointments to the new cabinet.
Krivokapic said last Friday that he will form an expert government, as confirmed at a meeting with the new majority’s party leaders.
But disagreement with the idea of an expert government were expressed by the opposition leaders after Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic came out against it.
Over the last weekend, Vucic attended Serbian Orthodox Church bishop Amfilohije’s funeral in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica and had a meeting with Democratic Front leaders, who are strongly pro-Serbian.
Vucic said on October 31 he didn’t want to interfere with the formation of the new Montenegrin government but argued that an expert government wouldn’t represent voters’ wishes.
Vucic told the Vijesti TV station that someone had told him: “People, you are crazy to vote. Who cares who you voted for? It doesn’t make a difference. We don’t want those you voted for to rule. We, the elite, we are going to rule.”

In any scenario the Black on White led by Albanian Montenegrin Dritan Abazovic has four seats remains decisive and it has been strong supporter of an experts government in Montenegro. /