Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia Sign Memorandum to Fight Coronavirus and Enable Border Crossing with IDs

Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia have signed a memorandum of understanding to fight the coronavirus pandemic and enabling border crossing with ID cards during the online conference within the “mini-Schengen” initiative which was held on Monday.
Albanian PM Edi Rama said the memorandum is a very positive step when it comes to the easier movement of the citizens and the fight against the pandemic, especially with regard to the exchange of information about the virus COVID-19.
He pointed out that there is no other way for a better future for the three countries than mutual cooperation and joint efforts in the EU accession process.
The online summit was organized as part of the “mini-Schengen” initiative and it was attended by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Tirana, the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev in Skopje, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Branbić and Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar in Belgrade.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he was very happy and proud to have signed the memorandum of understanding in the fight against the coronavirus. "The important thing is that we will introduce measures together and that we decided that our experts and medical teams should talk and cooperate, building trust to help our people," he said in his remarks.
"This will bring our countries closer politically and will enable a better life for the citizens," Vučić assessed.
Prime Minister of North Macedonia stated that the signed memorandum will make life easier for the citizens of the three countries and lay the basis for mutual cooperation in all areas, especially in the fight against the pandemic, because the opening of “Green Lines” facilitates the flow of citizens and economic cooperation.
Zaev added that the citizens of the three countries, in whichever they find themselves and are infected with the COVID-10, will be able to be treated for free.
According to Gazeta Express, Kosovo was not invited to the meeting although the documents brokered by US President Trump between Pristina and Belgrade some weeks ago stipulated for participation of Kosovo in this initiative.

Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina have not accepted to be involved in the "mini-Schengen” initiative. /