Albania Towards Full Lockdown as Pandemic Gets Out of Control

The head of the National Emergency, Sk├źnder Brataj said on Saturday that due to the very high numbers of infections that have been registered these days, Albania must be prepared to increase the restrictive measures.
Although Brataj said that the scenarios should not be exhausted quickly but step by step he added that citizens should be prepared to move from the so called middle measures to the more drastic ones in the coming days.
"We will have more patients in hospitals taking into consideration these numbers we have registered in these last three weeks.
So we should not be unprepared. We call on citizens to implement the preventive measures," he said.
Brataj warned that the effect of the measures already taken must be expected for moving on to other measures.
"We will move from the average measures to the most drastic ones which means closing on weekends or a lockdown for a few weeks as the world is doing, which is more effective," said Brataj. /