Albanian from North Macedonia is Vienna Terrorist Shooter

Seems like Austrian government is trying to postpone the release of the nationality of the Vienna shooter. So far, he goes by “ISIS sympathizer” or “Islamist terrorist”.
According to local media, 7 people died and more than 15 are injured during the shootout on Monday evening in the capital of Austria.
Following the police action one suspect is killed, but so far official information is that “Islamist terrorist” is dead.
No one knows that the shooter is actually an Albanian from North Macedonia. One Austrian journalist decide to break the story. According to Florian Klenk, his name is Kurtin S., born in 2000, was 20 years old, was born and raised in Vienna and has Albanian roots. His parents came from North Macedonia.
Mr. Klenk also says that:”he was on the radar for the protection of the constitution because he was one of around 90 Austrian Islamists who wanted to travel to Syria. He was prevented from doing so in July. The police did not trust him to be planning a terrorist attack in Vienna.”
So far, many social media users are condoning the move by Mr. Klenk but in the words of his colleague, Julius Betscha, what Florian Klenk is “doing here is not a scandal, but journalism. It is not our job to wait for press releases from the authorities.
Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer confirmed today that the attacker who carried out the attack in the center of Vienna last night was originally from Northern Macedonia.
Nehammer said the attacker, who was killed by police, was 20 years old, of Macedonian descent and convicted of terrorist association.
The minister also mentioned the name of the murdered theorist, whose name is Kujtim Fejzulai, and who was sentenced to 22 months in prison on April 25 last year for trying to travel to Syria to join the ISIS.
The Austrian police submitted a request to the police in Northern Macedonia through Europol for cooperation and information regarding the terrorist attack in Vienna in which one of the attackers was originally from Tetovo, the Macedonian Ministry of the Interior announced, reports Tanjug. Tetovo is a city in which Albanians form a majority. /, November 3, 2020