Albanian Montenegrin Dritan Abazovic Picked as Gov’t Vice-PM Amidst Threats by Mafia Clans

The Albanian Montenegrin leader of the URA Civic Movement Dritan Abazovic and his family have been threatened with his life by a mafia clan, local media has reported.

These threats come just a few days ahead of the proclamation of the final composition of the new government where he is considered a key point in its creation in Montenegro. According to an announcement of Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapić made on Tuesday the composition of the new government will be known by Friday.

Krivokapić confirmed that URA Movement leader Dritan Abazović will serve as Government Vice-Premier. Earlier it was rumored that Abazović will be Defense Minister but the latest announcement by the new government head reveals that he is considering three candidates for ministers of Interior and Defence, although he refused to disclose their names. Krivokapić pointed out that the Minister of Interior represents the most important position in the new government, as the administration is planning to merge the Police Directorate into the Ministry of Interior.

The news on the life threats against URA Head which was announced by the Executive Director of the URA Coalition, Zoran Mikic, in an extraordinary statement at a press conference on Tuesday specified that a mafia clan had threatened Abazovic with his life and that of his family.

Zoran also said that if something happens to Abazovic then the State Police and its head, Veselin Veljovic, will be responsible.

Further on, he said he has no plans to accuse anyone without evidence but to warn the public opinion about what is happening in Montenegro.

"If something happens to him or his family, then the head of the State Police, Veselin Veljović, will be responsible. We do not want to raise alarm, accuse someone directly or target anyone, but we want to inform the public about what is happening," he said. /