Albanian Montenegrin Head of URA Picked as Defense Minister in Montegro's 'Expert' Government

The Albanian Montenegrin leader of the United Reform Action (URA), Dritan Abazovic will be defence minister in the cabinet of 12 ‘expert’ ministers unveiled by PM designate Zdravko Krivokapic.
After presenting the proposal to ruling majority representatives, Krivokapic has said that his cabinet will be focused on reforms and the economy. He stressed that his chosen government is made up of professionals who can act as a team.
A former URA member who was an opposition candidate at presidential elections in 2018, Mladen Bojanic, is proposed as minister of capital investments, while Nikola Terzic, who represented URA as a lawyer, takes the interior minister’s job.
A member of Serbian Orthodox Church’s legal team, Vladimir Leposavic, has been proposed as the new minister of justice, minority and human rights, and Janko Mitrovic, supervisor of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Podgorica, as the minister for ecology, spatial planning and urbanism.
The head of the Centre for Monitoring and Research, Zlatko Vujovic, said that the Serbian Orthodox Church will have a strong influence on the government.
Jelena Borovinić Bojović, a doctor at the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, was named as health minister and Djordje Radulovic, head of the EU Directorate at the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as foreign minister.
If Krivokapic’s proposal passes in parliament in the weeks to come, it could be the first expert government in Montenegro history. /